Case Study

Epic Shine
Car Wash

A Car Wash With A New Location Looking to Generate Customers, Brand Awareness & Revenue...Immediately

The goal of our campaign with Epic Shine is to create visitors to the car wash and turn customers into advocates and loyal members. Epic Shine experienced the success of a powerful campaign and is continuing to get results. The ROI on this campaign speaks for itself...4:1 ROI.

Case Study Step 1

Promote Offer

Direct Mail, Social Media, Signage

We use multiple promotional avenues to target prospects in specific geographic areas. We use a fee wash as an incentive to attract a customer.


Case Study Step 2

Customer Visits Landing Page

Email addresses are collected.

All of the promotional pieces direct customers to the landing page, where they enter their email address. The more email addresses we can collect, the more visitors to the car wash there will be.


Case Study Step 3

Customer Receives Free Wash Code

An automated email is sent to the collected emails with a free wash code.

The customer receives a free wash code immediately after entering their email address on the landing page. With the free wash code in hand the probability that the customer will visit the car wash has dramatically increased.

Case Study Step 4

Social Engagement

Customers are incentivized to share the offer on social media.

When a customer shares the offer on social media, they are rewarded with additional free wash codes and coupons. We have just turned a customer of the car wash into an advocate for the car wash.


Case Study Step 5

Marketing Automation

Customer is nurtured and rewarded.

Once the customer inputs their email address, they are also entered into the decision tree. This automation allows the customer to be nurtured along the purchasing process with additional offers and rewards. This process creates and keeps loyal customers.