Bubble Down
Car wash



You create an awesome wash.
we create an outstanding brand.

Building a unique and engaging brand from the ground up is exactly what we did for Bubble Down Car Wash.

We created it all - a catchy name, a custom
logo and brand character, a clean and functional
website, and attention-grabbing signage. We geek out
and learn everything there is to know about your wash,
your location, your target markets, and your vision.
Then we let our creative geniuses wor k their magic.



Bubble down 2017

You won't get a generic,
ready-made stock logo
from Suds Creative.

The name, the style, and
even the bubble character
were born from the minds of
often-bearded creatives.



Bubble Down 2017

For Bubble Down we carried the brand's retro feel to every piece of onsite signage to give customers a seamless brand experience.

With each sign comes an opportunity to direct, motivate, and
reinforce the brand to the customer. We created
custom wash package names like "Thrifty", "Nifty",
and "Besty" and even turned a boring onsite lce
Machine into a branded work of art.